Welcome to Fond Industries

A passion for beautifully crafted, handmade things and a desire to support the gentle folk who make them inspired quite a few walks around the world, designing and sourcing soft furnishings, rugs, incense, jewels - and making real relationships with human suppliers.

Fond Industries offers a sophisticated edit to a community seeking authentic products; not only beautiful and unique, but made from natural fibres, produced organically, or hand-crafted in socially responsible ways with a modern aesthetic.

The ranges are artisanally crafted in India, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, France, Brazil, Vietnam and Australia and beyond...Fond Industries takes the maker seriously: up-cycling often, sustainably, and we don't source or produce big product runs because we want to keep things on a human scale and maintain the integrity of those makers - we believe things are just better that way.





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